My very first blog post!
2 min read
Posted: December 26, 2017
Updated: December 10, 2018

Hello, world! So this is a blog/personal website that I've started so that I have a place where I can truly and freely broadcast my thoughts, interests, and work.

Story time

In case you haven't checked out the About Me section, I'm a DevOps Engineer at Trek10, Inc and a graduate from Indiana University South Bend with a BS in Computer Science with a minor in Mathematics.

I thoroughly enjoy learning about software engineering and technology in general. I've always loved computers and learning about the things they can do and how they work.

I have always wanted to have a personal website that could showcase some of the things I've done and share my thoughts. After discovering and learning about static site generators, first Jekyll, but now Gatsby, I realized that I could do more than just showcase my work, much easier.

So, here it is

With the help of Jekyll and Gatsby, it's easy for me to set create and publish content in the form of a blog, an "about me" section, or a project showcase. I now have a blog to share my thoughts, a page dedicated to showcasing projects I've worked on, and even a simple "about me" page to describe who I am (which I've learned is a very difficult thing to do). I have created all of this with ease, thanks to Gatsby. So here it is, my very own personal website!

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